Completing a tax return can be stressful experience. Action Accountants aims to make it as easy as possible for you so that you are stress free. We pride ourselves in providing a transparent service. There are various filing deadlines to meet, depending on personal circumstances and as those deadlines
approach, the task can seem more and more daunting. You don’t have to worry about anything because as well as processing your tax return, we give you unlimited tax & accounting support throughout the year.

We will liaise with HM Revenue & Customs on your behalf in order to complete your annual Self-assessment tax returns at a very competitive price.The service will include free quotations, completion of your Tax Return, Calculation of Tax Liability, Filling the Tax Return.

Construction Industry Scheme Self-Employed Tax Returns

It is becoming more and more common for HMRC to raise an enquiry into a Tax Return. This is due to the fact that some taxpayers may have got behind with the submission of their tax returns or find that they have omitted income.Regardless of the personal case situation we are able to deal with HMRC on
your behalf. We will take action and represent you in case of any reviews from HMRC.

Our professional service will give you an insight of CIS regulations of the amounts due and the allowable expenses. We are not just another accounting firm as the many thousands in the UK. We respect you respecting your money.

The preparation and submission of your self-assessment tax return will
include a review of all the expenses to ensure all appropriate expenses are deducted. We will also explore a range of claims and elections that you can make to decrease the amount of tax paid.

Taxi Drivers Tax Returns

We do not guarantee that you will not pay any tax, but all of our clients agree that the experience is stress free. We can be involved with as much or as little depending on your personal requirements. Either you hire or you owning your Cab we can plan your tax affairs. We are only too familiar with the realities of our clients trying to juggle the complexities of earning a living whilst trying to
cope with all the accounting and tax requirements. Most cabbies just don’t have the time to think about such complex rules and regulations.

Action Accountants provides easy solution to completing and filing your tax returns. We are here to help, our prices are low, we are used to number crunching and dealing with HMRC, hence we do the calculations and process your returns in a timely and efficient manner, our expertise keeps your costs
down, so why pay more!